SCIL will work with anyone regardless of disability, race, gender, life-style or religious persuasion.

SCIL is Not an Emergency Services Provider.

All services are provided at no cost to SCIL consumers.

Individual advocacy– Helping you become self-empowered is the goal of SCIL’s advocacy services.

Systems Change advocacy– Representation and speaking on behalf of persons with disabilities regarding accessibility in government policies, transportation, housing, employment and many other areas.

Information and coordination for resources and funding options available for assistive devices (adaptive tools for independent living) that will maintain or increase your ability to live a more independent lifestyle.

SCIL is available to assist you in applying for benefits, including Social Security

We support each other to succeed and thrive in life. We are a team of Individuals with disabilities who are living independently and are integrated into our community with a desire to help others do the same.

SCIL will equip you with the necessary resources and options available based upon your need for accessible, affordable and transitional housing.

Training includes assistance with developing personal care, financial management, household management, academic success, social skills and participation in community sponsored activities.

We are THE resource center for Individuals with Disabilities! We connect you to a number of resources within our community and work with you to find appropriate solutions to improve your circumstances.

SCIL will work with you to find Personal Care Assistants that will provide you in-home care.

As an Independent Living Center we are newly mandated by the federal government to provide services that:

¨ Help you transfer from Skilled Nursing Facilities back into the community.

¨ Keep you in your home with diversion assistance

¨ Youth Transition past high school and college

A transitioning specialist will assist you in determining your eligibility, finding financial assistance and help you create a plan for independence.

Services that are available to help you transition and live in the community include:

¨ Devices or equipment used to increase your ability to function independently in the community, such as, wheelchair ramps, bed lifts and shower grab bars.

¨ Assistance in receiving benefits

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